WINNER WINNER – Local Mazda 3 Winner Michael Receives his BRAND NEW Mazda 3 from Berwick Mazda

February 26, 2019

A MAZZ-IVE CONGRATULATIONS to Michael, the winner of Nova FMs – Kate, Tim and Marty’s Location of Choice Competition!

Competition Details: 

We all make around 35,000 choices each day, some are hard, others easy. At least choosing the right car is easy.

With the perfect mix of design, performance and technology, Mazda 3 is the car that gets everything right. You could win your very own Mazda 3 in Kate, Tim and Marty’s Location of Choice.

Just listen to the show each day from 4pm, and keep your eyes glued on the socials for your daily clues. Register your guess online, and you could be getting a call from Kate, Tim and Marty!

After receiving his New Mazda 3, we asked Michael a few questions surrounding the competition.

1) Do you usually apply for competitions? What made you apply for this one?

I have entered a few smaller radio competitions, where you call up to win things like movie tickets or a few hundred dollars, but I had never entered a big competition like this before! I love trying to solve cryptic puzzles and as soon as I heard the first clue I told my wife I needed to work out where it was, otherwise it would just keep playing on my mind!


2) What car were you driving before you Won?

I was driving a Holden Ute. My wife kept reminding me once we had kids I would need to sell the Ute for a “family car”, so the new Mazda has saved me a lot of hassle down the track!


3) What were you doing when you called to win?

I entered my guess online and Nova rang me to play, but when they rang I was nervously sitting at my computer at work hoping they would actually put me on air, while my work colleagues were in another room listening to me on the radio!


4) Which Suburb do you reside in?

I live in Clyde North. My wife and I built out there and moved into our home about 2 years ago.


5) Which clue gave away the location of the car?

I worked it out after the 4th clue, which was “Pass me a Strepsil” once I heard that I instantly thought of Cough lollies, then Coffs Harbour, so went home and googled to see what’s in Coffs Harbour and it led me to the Big Banana which also conveniently lined up with all of the previous clues (and future clues), so I went online and registered my guess that night!


6) What do you do for work?

I work as the Accountant for a group of Medical Centre’s.


7) What is the first thing you did after picking up your Mazda 3?

I drove home and sat in the car for about an hour playing with all of the new features. Then, once my wife got home, I drove her for a gourmet dinner at our local Burger Restaurant!


8) What kind of adventure do you plan on taking with your Mazda 3?

The first big adventure will definitely be a road trip to the Big Banana! I’ve never been and now that it has won me a new Mazda I think I need to go for a visit!


9) Would you recommend a Mazda 3 to your friends and family? Why?

Absolutely! Even before I won, I had only ever heard good things about how reliable Mazda’s are and from the short time I’ve had driving it, it has felt like such a luxury with all of the advanced features it has! Some days I feel like it could just about drive itself!



Happy Mazda Motoring.