Reasons why the NEW CX-8 is perfect for parents!

February 26, 2019

With the release of the CX-8Mazda is putting the parents at ease at the driver’s seat.

When buying a new car, there are many things parents need to take into consideration, such as size, affordability, safety, fuel consumption and how many bags of groceries it can hold.

1. It Doesn’t Feel Like a LARGE Car

Fitting beautifully between a CX-5 and CX-9, The CX-8 shares a wheelbase with the CX-9, so it’s long, but its width is comparable with the Mazda CX-5, making it perfect for growing families without it feeling overly big on the road. Sleek and stylish, the CX-8 is the ultimate all-rounder for families.

2. It Has Amazing Fuel Consumption 

Another great aspect — the 2.2L diesel engine. It is the biggest difference between the CX-8 and CX-9 models and is perfect for parents wanting to spend less time and money fueling up. It’s most economical in the CX-8 Sport FWD, sipping just 5.7L/100km on the official test cycle (city and country combined), and 6.0L/100km in the AWD versions

3. Offering Unparalleled Safety Features

Features such as Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA), Blind Spot MonitoringLane-Keep Assist and Lane Departure Warning allow this to be possible and are a major drawcard for parents (or soon-to-be parents) shopping for a family car. Despite the narrow build, the multitude of safety features in the CX-8 and across the range assure parents every time they strap in their child.

4. Boot Space to Accommodate Families

With the third row in use, the  CX-8 holds 209 litres of luggage space, which Mazda reckons is just enough to hold two golf bags. There is also a sub-boot below the main boot floor with a large opening and a depth of 100 mm, offering 33 litres of underfloor storage space, which is especially useful for valuable or fragile items.

With the third-row seatback folded down, the available luggage capacity increases to a sizeable 742 litres. Folding down both the second and third-row seatbacks brings a capacious 1727 litres and creates a flat floor space large enough to hold two bicycles.

The New CX-8 is available at Berwick Mazda today. Book a test drive on: 03 8796 6222 or ENQUIRE ONLINE HERE